Like many people i imagine reading this, i had longed for years to visit a Professional Dominatrix.  i supposed i never really had the courage to make that step. Put off by the media’s perception of shouty Women with a whip, i had confided my fantasies to online.

Over the years i had studied many websites of Femdom Mistresses and had even set up a Fetlife profile, but could not make that first step to make my fantasies become reality.

However on New Year’s Eve i decided to make it my New Year’s resolution to contact the most attractive Mistress i had found on the internet and book a session with Her.

i was polite and courteous in my initial email, however in my haste in sending my email i made an important spelling mistake.

As soon as i sent my email my heart filled with dread, as one never gets a second chance to make a first impression and felt i should apologies immediately and send Mistress something from Her wish list to make amends, and to show Her i was serious about being a potential client. Mistress Melia, was understanding of my error and this enabled me to converse with Her over emails, regarding my fantasies, fears and worries.

i think it was at this point i knew i had found the right Mistress for me. i felt it was only right that i should buy Mistress Melia something from Her wish list for Her time. i quickly found myself being Her gift gimp, buying Her gifts from Her wish list to make Her smile, which made me happy.


i loved receiving emails from Her as i ensured that shoes and clothes were the right size and return labels were sent, for those gifts that were not. Her emails were the highlight of my day and i would find myself studying Her website, ensuring that my actions could please Her.

Over the course of many emails i was able to plan the booking of our session. i feared i would not be fun to play with and not have a high enough pain tolerance for Mistress to enjoy our session. i found Mistress Melia very understanding of my worries and inexperience of real life Femdom.

i wanted to try many things and was able to talk to Mistress Melia, without the fear of being ridiculed. We agreed on hard limits (e,g. scat and toilet play) and a list of things i wanted to try (e.g. CFNM, foot fetish, maid training , strap on play).

Our session was everything I could have wanted and more.

Mistress Melia, is stunning, even more so in real life than Her photos on Her website. She has a grace and elegance of a Goddess and is very much an Alpha Female, someone superior to me in so many ways, but understanding of us lower creatures.

Our session was filled with 2 hours of delicious fun. i am still buzzing from it.

i was “forced” into Female clothes and was even given a pair of stockings, which i wore underneath my male clothes to go home with after our session, which felt very naughty.

During our session, i loved the way Mistress Melia was able to read me and introduce things that She felt I should try.  i loved lots of things from the day, being chained up and having my nipples clamped was especially fun. It felt amazing licking the soles of Mistress Melia’s shoes. I also felt I found my rightful place being on my knees in front of Mistress Melia.

After the session lots of naughty thoughts went through my little head about what i would like to try next (cock and ball torture, me being caged and trampling).

i think Mistress Melia is one of the most amazing people i have ever met. To be a good Professional Mistress is a difficult job, being able to read someone and be able to turn fantasies into reality is something that not many can do. i am so glad i have found Mistress Melia, who has the emotional intelligence to allow me to talk about my naughty fantasies and the ability to make them real.  i really appreciate Her time and hope She would like to play with me again. It is a huge privilege to have met Her and to be in Her presence.

kind regards,



MM is wonderful. She genuinely cares about what She and you get out of a playtime together. The first time we played it also snowed the same day, MM and i spent what seemed like a million years chatting through our experiences and seeing where they overlapped. She is just so easy to open up to that i felt alarmingly comfortable sharing my most deep and perverted fantasies with her from the get go. As such i got a huge amount out of the session, it was a really relaxed and well-tailored playtime. Everything felt so thoughtful, exciting and on point; there were no moments i wasn't hugely into the whole scenario She had planned, just waiting for MM to step the whole scenario up a notch. 


Mistress is very good at what she does, and exceptionally clever too. MM makes a massive effort to ensure the playtime is memorable, but at no point should you forget just who is in control and who you are there to please. i made the mistake of looking into her eyes for a fraction of a second during our first session, it was so quick i didn't register it until MM pointed it out to me. Other Mistresses have just told me off for things like this, not MM! I spent the next 10 minutes having my bum turned red, tied up tight over a spanking bench. That was five minutes into the session. This time it took me seconds to transgress, hence i soon ended up with my nipples clamped. Pegplay on my chest was a grey area MM and i had discussed. Our chat beforehand meant She was fully aware that i get no real pleasure and they are best used for occasions when I've really, really fallen well below the standard MM is trying to teach me. Her actions to go straight to using these shows just how measured she is when in control of you. Even at the time i knew MM was entirely right to clamp me, i had crossed the line disgracefully, and let Her down. 


MM certainly is in control. She knows how to work you, and she will work you hard in all the ways you mentioned to her so easily just a few minutes before. She has a very clear set of expectations and she will ensure you stick to them, but equally she can wield pleasure superbly as well. It makes my heart flutter a little to hear Mistress say 'well done', but getting queened (suitably attired) as a reward for having met one of Mistress' challenges was exhilarating. Clothed Queening and humiliating tasks are some of my absolute favourites, but then MM knew that and had judged my limits perfectly in her challenge. She pushed me, but it was a lot easier with the thought of MM's prize. Equally you'll never feel unsafe with Mistress; she is very clear when checking you're not uncomfortable or if there are any issues, whilst definitely testing where your limits are straight afterwards. She's so caring, not just to make sure you're feeling safe and secure, but also to make sure you are getting the most out of the time She grants you. 


MM clearly loves this life and is simply an artist. She will play you like an instrument, leaving you feeling out of this world for days to come. She will do this in the best atmosphere i can recall in a dungeon, one where you've left feeling so safe yet so intoxicated by someone. MM is wonderful.

"Dear Mistress Melia,


I thought I would drop you a line line to tell you how much I enjoyed our session the other day. Being a newbie to BDSM I was very apprehensive approaching you but, you made the process very easy. Thank you for allowing me the time to express my fantasies to you, and thank you for listening so empathetically. 


I really enjoyed the foot worship aspect, which acted as the perfect lead in and enabled me to feel at ease.


Your bondage techniques were perfect, and again well balanced for a beginner on the first steps of discovery. Gentle tease mixed with torment was wonderful, I really enjoyed your use of nipple clamps, pegs and the flogger.


I would like to round off by expressing my gratitude for your use of sounds. I didn’t have the first idea about these implements but they were intense and your use of them unexpected and inspired. Thank you.


I would very much like to see you again, only this time maybe book two hours as I feel one hour was not enough. You have my consent to use this testimonial should You wish to."


Your servant

discipline & cp

The first stanza of Burn’s Tam O’Shanta contains the lines 

“Where sits our sulky sullen dame.

Gathering her brows like gathering storm,

Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.”

Burns of course was a Scot and a philandering Scot at that, which reminds us  that Scotland was the last part of the United Kingdom to banish the use of corporal discipline at school.


For those of us who still reminisce after those days, I have written this short testimonial, an accolade to Mistress Melia, who, I trust, will be nursing her own wrath to keep it warm waiting for my next visit.

And how would Robert Burns have dealt with her feminine wiles? Would this black widow spider have lured him into her web?  


Mistress Melia is Mohini, Messalina and Medea all rolled into one. A Cleopatra of whom Burns would have been terrified. Yet for those of us who savour that mysterious unease before pressing the dungeon doorbell, no accolade can be greater.  


Effervescent, efficient, engaging, enticing, refined and ruthless, this goddess combines elegance and femininity making her a dominatrix of the highest class. 



"Before requesting a session, I had a delightful meeting with Mistress Melia and was instantly captivated. She has a truly striking, austere yet alluring beauty, and a genuinely commanding presence that left me feeling nervous and tongue-tied, but thrilled just to be in her presence.


Mistress allowed me to buy her a drink and graciously accepted an initial tribute, then generously allowed me some of her time for a wonderful conversation about my situation, failings and hopes for future meetings. She was warm and engaging while still maintaining an air of natural superiority which was absolutely intoxicating to me.


A few days later Mistress was kind enough to let me visit her for a disciplinary session. I was mesmerised and almost speechless when she came to the door, dressed in the most titillating, yet elegant combination of lace and gauze that accentuated her wonderful figure in the most thrilling fashion. She had a distinctly more icy demeanour in her working space but I felt instantly drawn to her authority and was eager to obey her directions. Not being permitted to look at her directly was difficult but it was impossible not to do as I was told.


After an introductory conversation I was instructed to go upstairs and undress. Mistress soon followed and began by discussing my inadequacies. I’m aware of most of my failings but must admit Mistress pointed out some additional transgressions which had not occurred to me. She also made me realise that my failure to even notice them was a sign of selfishness. Being punished for these failings by Mistress Melia felt absolutely real and natural. It was clear she was genuinely unimpressed and I had the sense she was very eager to deliver a harsh punishment. I was put through certain examinations and endured some very pointed criticism but soon enough I was naked and bent over a punishment bench, wondering nervously just how harsh it would be. I doubted I would be able to use a safe word as it would have felt impertinent, so I knew I would simply have to take whatever Mistress felt inclined to deliver.


“You will suffer this punishment in silence.” was Mistress’ opening comment. “Any sound at all and the strokes will simply get harder”.


I was not permitted to look at Mistress Melia directly, or see the implements she was using. But I believe she began with a hand spanking, which soon became very hard to bear in silence. I let out the tiniest yelp which I hoped Mistress might not even hear but instantly the spanking became harder than I ever could have expected. Thankfully I was soon allowed a respite but it was only for as long as Mistress needed to change to a harsher implement.


I can’t imagine how I managed to stay silent through what followed but I knew what would happen if I made a sound. and yet, throughout the lengthy and very harsh spankings and strappings that followed I felt I was exactly where I should be.


I was amazed that despite the harshness of the punishment, the marks faded in only a day. I am plucking up courage to ask Mistress if she would mind giving me some marks that last longer next time. It’s nerve-wracking just to imagine what that would involve! But a punishment at Mistress Melia’s hands is a delight and a privilege, even if it is a struggle to endure it at the time."

"Masked, with sight denied, sat on the floor, back against the wall, arms and legs out stretched and roped - it doesn’t seem to him that escape is an option! To keep the focus on the excellent bondage I am sat on an uncomfortably large plug, which feels as if it breaking me into two. And as if that wasn't enough You strap my head back. Head bondage is amazing, control the head and You control the senses and hence, the mind. Hence everything That belongs to pollux is owned by Mistress Melia, mind, body and spirit.


There will be no lurching as You enjoy Your creature.


His nipples are of extreme importance to Your pollux and play an essential role during the session. They unlock the wildest excess of pain and pleasure, and I adore the attention my Mistress pays them. From gentle caress to biting clamps I adore every touch and will gladly endure every torment. You know Your pet well and You understand perfectly how these two insignificant looking features are a gift from Mother God to You. 


I feel the cane strike the inside of my thigh. You know that I hate impact play. Not because of the pain, but because I never feel that I can please You in this area. I want so much for You to be able to strike me and leave Your mark at will, But invariably I flinch, squeal, and struggle with every impact. You compliment me on my legs and feet - perfectly shaved, toenails freshly painted. I know what is coming and it’s a favourite of Yours, Bastinado. You love to strike my feet and hear me yell as my pain threshold is quickly reached. Please, Mistress Melia, for as long as it amuses You do not stop. Please teach me to be stronger for You.


The electrics bite. Mistress Melia rarely starts gently with Her pet but instead She loves to see those uncontrolled muscle contractions right from the start. Regardless of whether it’s my thighs or the more sensitive regions of my body the twitch always raises a wicked laugh that only serves to push the boundaries further. I long for this element of play and there is so much more to explore with this versatile method of torture. I am here for Your amusement and nothing makes me happier than Mistress Melia enjoying Her pollux pain monkey.


Regardless of the agreed session time it is never enough. pollux savours every second in the company of his Mistress because She is so accomplished. To serve Mistress Melia is the realisation of fantasy in every sense. She is the most amazing Dominatrix.



Mistress Melia is an expert in many aspects of BDSM play. She is diligent and nuturing, whilst at the same time, very happy to push the boundaries. Nothing illustrates my point better than Her needlework. In this She excels.


Mistress Melia likes to have me blindfold and firmly restrained before She starts. She doesn’t seem to be very keen on twitching and wiggling so normally She has me fully locked down. I love Her humour. She will ask me if I’m comfortable, and if I politely answer yes She will hit the soles of my feet with Her crop. Then She will laugh, pause, and ask me again. Once I am in suitable discomfort Her real fun will begin.


i feel Her latex gloved hands glide over my genital area. She feels for my testes and then She runs Her hand along my penis. She gently touches both of my nipples, squeezing them. This whole process feels very sensual - but don’t be fooled.


Next a command, “lick”. I feel the edge of the suction cup against my bottom lip. Once moist it is placed over my nipple and a vacuum is drawn. My nipple instantly becomes engorged. The process is repeated and a feel the swell.


Her hands go back to my testes, this time I feel the cold sensation of alcohol wipes. She laughs again before instructing  me to stay still. She knows that I can’t move an inch.


I feel a slight pinch on the centreline of my scrotum. And Pow! The first needle pierces my skin, continues through my body for a second before re-emerging. The pain is intense but instant, I moan, catch my breath and thank Mistress Melia. She tells me I’m welcome. 


Before I can catch my breath the second is in. My heart rate steadily increases with each needle, I whimper, cry and scream. Mistress Melia reassuringly rubs my shoulder with Her gloved hand, tells me I’m a good boy, and then remarks that She has a lot more needles to go. The pain intensity builds and builds as the needles form an orderly pattern around my body.


She tells me I have done really well and then removes the sucker from my, now, very swollen nipples. Knowing what comes next doesn’t help. The alcohol wipe confirms my suspicion. The pain is indescribable as the needle goes into my nipple. It penetrates all the way through, and breaks the skin on the other side. I cry out. Mistress Melia, in Her generosity repeats the experience on the other side.


Needlework complete for the afternoon, Mistress Melia gently strokes my skins and tells me again what a good boy I’ve been! Her praise makes it all worthwhile.

bdsm experience

Glory Glory Gloriana..

"I first met Mistress Melia at a Mistress's Christmas Party at House Du Croix whilst serving another Mistress and at the time I remember thinking that she was remarkably beautiful and a great deal of fun, with a rather sadistic streak thrown in. When my previous Mistress emigrated and I was eventually ready to seek a new Mistress, my mind immediately turned to Mistress Melia in the hope that I need look no further. I was rather tentative in approaching her at first but one afternoon I finally plucked up the courage and called her, and was fortunate enough to be able to arrange an introductory session at extremely short notice.


Once at House Du Croix we were reacquainted and I was very pleased to discover that Mistress Melia was not only as beautiful as I remembered but also as much, if not more, fun. The session itself was a memorable experience, not least for the moment I stepped out of line and broke the no-eye-contact rule - justice was swiftly and delightfully meted out. I came away from that first session with a broad grin and feeling extremely satisfied, in a variety of ways, that I had made the right decision.


Since this first time, I have sessioned with Mistress Melia several more times, including longer two-hour or mind-blowing-and-deeply-exhausting three-hour sessions, the most recent of which I had the privilege to be introduced to the divine “Gloriana”.


Rules are occasionally broken, boundaries are frequently pushed. The longer sessions in particular have been utterly incredible - they have become much more free-form in nature; an exquisite collaboration of two people simply having an enormous amount of fun together. Whilst the details of our sessions together remain between the two of us, I can truly say that Melia is every bit the consummate Mistress - professional, skilful, playful, alluring, tantalising, captivating and with a body to absolutely die for. I am the proverbial putty in her hands. She has killer shoes too.


Serving at the whims and pleasures of Mistress Melia is an honour, an extremely precious and special gift, and I am deeply grateful for being allowed to be part of her world. All I can say is, long may it continue.

Having visited Mistress Melia a number of times I am moved to write a testimonial... without wanting to give away what happens in her sessions.


When you first meet Mistress Melia you will realise that her photographs do not fully convey her beauty: her creative spirit, grace of movement, natural authority and the devilish glint in her eye are await only those brave and lucky enough to meet her in person. 


She has an obvious enthusiasm for domination and had read my emailed requests/likes/experience/limits beforehand. Our conversations covering the necessary health and other detail before the session were used to further hone her ideas for our sessions. She has adapted sessions around my reactions and our conversations as they progress, communicating without ever disrupting the moment.    


It is a testament to her repertoire and professionalism that my particular kinks and fantasies seem to be natural for her to cater to. I imagine others will feel just the same.


She inflicts the pain I crave so so well, but it is often the moments when she imposes her domination sensually and in unexpected ways that create the strongest memories.   


Pet No.76

Despite not being an absolute novice to masochism, submission and such, I was very nervous. To wind back the clock a little, I have experienced BDSM on one level or another throughout most of my adult life, my intrigue in Female Domination being piqued in the nineties when I was drawn to clubs such as Torture Garden, to be honest mostly because they were so welcoming of my trans persona. Having had dalliances with Dominant types of all genders, I have come to realise that it's a strong and majestic female Domme who will be able to help me grow in the directions I need to grow. The possibility to try the waters in this area of sensory experience presented itself and I signed up for it in an instant. I turned up at the studio more than a little apprehensive; actually strike that, I was gripped with abject terror! I even phoned my good friend to tell her what I was doing in the hope she'd talk me out of it! No such luck, "tell me about it later", my good friend grinned down the phone to me! I had been craving that extra tier of protocol and propriety, that complete picture of Dominance that would allow my submission to flourish. When the opportunity to film with Merciless Dominas came up it seemed just what I needed to take my next little step on this wonderful journey. I arrived in good time to get my bearings and met all the other subs. We all gathered in the studio to wait for what we had in store. After a short while, Mistress Melia and Miss Flora swept into the room; I don't know if my sensitivities were a little heightened by the excitement of the moment but they seemed to glide in with a heady mixture of serenity, presence and gravitas. I was moved; this was exactly the kind of stirring my subby little heart was yearning for. Both Mistress Melia and Miss Flora introduced themselves to me. I was the only female submissive and the boys being chivalrous to a fault had unanimously agreed "ladies first"! I had been pacing and getting into character and my two tormentresses-to-be discussed some details: protocol, hard and soft limits, safe words and such. I was happy to find both Dommes to be warm, engaging, friendly and intelligent; it's very important for me to connect on a human level. We negotiated the way the scene would begin and it all began to slowly unfold. I was beckoned to serve my Mistresses with fruit and such. I was made to kneel while they discussed what they might want of me. I was teased and cajoled to put on a little show as I flaunted and stripped until, before I even realised, I stood near naked in front of my these two fabulous ladies. I was barely aware of how I was being moulded to the will of these two Valkyriesque Angel's, beautiful, magnificent and dangerous like sirens! I recall Mistress Melia's arms pinning me and her gently stern voice guiding me while Miss Flora's claws flayed the tender flesh of my breasts. When my struggles against the pain became too animated, and I needed to be pinioned to the bed posts in order to restrain me, it was Mistress Melia's commands that kept me on point. I felt slaps, spanks, crops, whips and canes crashing and slashing onto the tender skin of my boobs and pussy. Every time I looked set to wrestle myself free, Mistress Melia would command the the words, "take it"! "You can take it", "you will take it "! And... of course with a muffled, "Yes Mistress", through my gag, I did take it! I have never been held so tenderly and encouraged so gently while such a torment was bestowed upon me. As my tortures ramped up in intensity, I felt held, protected and comforted and while at times it seemed too much to bear, Mistress Melia's voice guided me like a beacon. I was stunned by every aspect of these two magnificent ladies' beings, their countenance, demeanour and presence. What really took hold of me was their apparent extra sense, not only for each other but it also felt like they had glanced right into my very soul. Mistress Melia, with her stern but kindly commands of, "spread those legs" and "take it", as if she knew how disappointed I would be if she let me tap out at my first urge to do so. Mistress held me and nurtured me on to be the absolute best I could be, both for herself and Miss Flora, and my little subby heart just burst with pride at being permitted to show these two supreme beings my best. Having been moulded from a timorous wee beast, to a proud brave kitty, I was riding high for quite some time after that day. I am left in no doubt that I would serve these fabuous Dommes in a heartbeat, should the chance arise again.

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