I am constantly vetting new foot slaves as I genuinely

adore having my feet worshipped.

Under my expert tutelage, you will learn how to

massage, nibble, stroke, squeeze, lick, suck, bathe and

moisturise to the exact level that I require.

Each Mistress is different, so don’t think you are ahead

of the competition if you have been a foot slave before.

I have very high standards and particular requirements,

so be prepared to start at the very bottom.

Foot worship can also include:

Being choked by my foot


Bare feet worship 

Shoe/ boot worship

Stockinged feet worship

Dirty /smelly feet cleaning with your tongue

Eating food from my feet

Ball crushing 

Feet Worship/Foot Fetish

If you know anything about me, I am a Dominatrix that travels. I am up and down between Brighton and Bristol and work on my feet, usually in heels. My feet get tired, and I need devoted slaves to care for them regularly. 

Feet and Foot Worship have always been one of my favourite fetishes, and I have gained a large following for it. 

I relish the sight of a weakened male at my feet, and I live for the power exchange as I watch them satisfy my desires. Whether you want to look or lick, you will have to earn that place at my feet. This is a unique opportunity to get to touch an intimate part of my body. For me, it is definitely an erogenous zone- a rare privilege indeed.

Once you have learned how I like it, you’ll see Mistress smile and relax as you never have before and even possibly a giggle or two.

My feet are a size 4, slender, with delicate ankles and prominent veins. Perfectly proportioned, well kept, soft sole.


Whether you are a fetishist or you have a kink for feet, whether it is soles, toes, toe cleavage, wrinkles, veins - my feet are addictive in every way. The feet can be used to humiliate you, tease you. They can be used playfully or aggressively, but either way, you will learn to become one of my little toe pigges. 

This is the closest you will ever get to satisfying your Mistress without suffering for her amusement first (though this can of course be arranged).

My foot slaves are one of the most cherished members of my household, and places are much coveted. 

Apply to be one of my feet fans today.